5 November 2017
Jeff Maietta
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5 November 2017, Comments Comments Off on Home Inspections 101

If you are considering buying a house or an apartment, you shouldn’t just look at what is right in front of you. Sometimes we got caught by the wonderful layout of the house or the colors in it and we forget to wonder why the basement smells bad or what is leaking in the toilet.

You can easily solve these sorts of problems by hiring a home inspector. When you are giving an offer to a potential seller, you can put the clause in it regarding home inspection.

The only responsible decision when buying a building or a house is to hire a professional home inspector who will know where to look. A home inspection can save you a lot of money besides saving you from needless stress and frustration. A job of a professional home inspector includes inspection of the following areas:

  • Roof – You do not want to found out that your roof leaks after the first rain
  • Ventilation – Another issue that is very important to your health and bad odors in the house which you cannot inspect yourself
  • Fireplace – If it is defective it can cause you a lot of troubles
  • Plumbing – Imagine if the plumbing is bad and one day your pipes burst and the water pours all over
  • Electrical – Electrical installation has to work properly or else they can be a great risk to you and the people around you
  • Appliances – Home inspector will check the correctness of devices
  • Exterior – Exterior of the house have to be checked too
  • HVAC – Checkup of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Structure – Checking the structure of the object is also very important

Since you cannot check all of the above listed by yourself as you are not trained for that; you better call a home inspector who knows his job and is well acquainted with the laws of Maine, Portland.

You must wonder how much a home inspection costs. The price varies from the size, age and the location of the object and it is best that you call a reputable home inspector and ask for a price. You shouldn’t think twice whether to hire a professional home inspector or not. It is the same as buying a car without car mechanic had previously check it. You should play it safe in these situations.

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