Mold Inspection

If you typed mold inspection near me, you must be concerned enough to include a home mold inspection in addition to your home inspection. You are probably wondering what mold is, and what causes the growth of mold. We are Portland, Maine based and we are here to help you with your mold problems.

Molds are small microscopic organisms found pretty much everywhere, and usually not harmful. In some cases, mold can be a good thing. Think about it. Without yeast which is a mold, there would be no bread or beer. Can you imagine a world without cheese or mushrooms? Also, penicillin exists because of mold.

However, the reason that mold is an issue is that it can also aggravate hay fever, asthma, cause yellow toenails, and allergies. Unfortunately, some mold spores can be quite harmful as they can produce mycotoxins.

In order for mold to thrive, three elements need to nurture its growth, which is warm air, moisture and food sources since mold will eat anything. In fact, moisture is the worst culprit of all molds, which is caused by plumbing leaks, flooding, as well as condensation from a variety of sources such as unvented washers and dryers and plugged up rain gutters.

Sadly, it can also be the end result from the fire department saving someone’s home as well.

Therefore, when your home has been subjected to years of slow-growing mold, or was devastated by a fire and which was put out- then you have a dangerous problem!

This is why we provide a home mold inspection, and we can provide you a quote for a home mold inspection cost.

We can also discuss with you if you need a radon test, and can talk about the radon testing cost. Please contact us once again for more information.