About Us

My name is Jeff and I’m a House Inspector from Portland, Maine. I absolutely love what I do, which is building, constructing, and all things related to buildings. This is my passion, hobby, and profession.

Whenever I do an inspection, you are receiving a high quality service provided by an enthusiastic, caring and licensed professional. I can promise that you are receiving a service by an individual who truly cares, and you will get an honest assessment of your prospective home.

Having been in the building trades for over 30 years, I am uniquely qualified to assess a wide variety of issues that most homeowners will encountering when purchasing a home. But I need to explain in detail what normally happens during an inspection and and why my company is the one to go to when you need a home inspection.

The fact of the matter is when you are making a huge life change such as purchasing a home (or an office), you will not be aware of potential problems that could creep along during the process, which will in the end cost you an arm and a leg. This is why having a home inspection is essential.

Unfortunately, even though you would think that having a home inspection would give you the peace of mind that you are looking for- it can sadly have the opposite effect as you will be in many cases expected to absorb a lot of information given in a short time.

What is included in the inspection is a checklist, photographs, a written and environmental reports, as well as what the inspector has to say in addition to all of that. With everything combined along with the disclosure from the seller, this can make the experience overwhelming.

My advice to you while you are knowing this is to relax, calm down, as I will help make the experience more calm. Be aware that most of the time what comes up during an inspection are minor imperfections, life expectancy as well as maintenance recommendations.

However, I will be completely honest as there are serious issues that will come up and I will briefly explain each one.

For instance if I find things that will lead to major defects such as a small roof flashing leak being an example, I will make you aware of the issue for the sake of prevention. Other issues that can come up are major defects such as structural failures and I can help you find solutions in regards to these kinds of problems.

I can also assess the property to see if there are issues that could perhaps hinder your ability to legally occupy, insure or finance your home as well. If there are also safety hazards such as exposed, live buss bar at the electric panel, that will be assessed as well.

In other words, my assessments are extremely detailed, but always know that any issue regardless of what they are can be corrected inexpensively which will both protect the life and property. As mentioned before, you don’t need to ever be overwhelmed whenever you hire me to do an inspection because I am all about helping you find solutions to any problem, whatever it may be that can crop up.

The truth is that most sellers are very honest, and are just as surprised as you are to find any kind of defect that are uncovered during an inspection. Sellers are also not under any obligation to repair everything that is mentioned in the report, as no home is going to be in perfect shape. Always keep things in perspective, and never kill your deal over things that are not too significant.

Jeff the Inspector is looking forward to helping you, go read up on my company and contact me to get things started!