Septic Inspection

If you live in or near Portland, ME and need septic tank inspection, then you have some to the right place. For many Maine homeowners, septic systems play a major role. That said, there are several questions that should be answered before you make your purchase in regards to the septic system. It is crucial to know if the septic system is in proper working order, if it is in the proper location and if it needs repairs. You will need to know if it is an adequate septic system and leach field.

We can inspect the septic tank, distribution box, as well as the leach field, in addition to all of the piping. What we will do is open the tank, check the sludge levels and the flow by using latest camera technology. The way it is done is that we will run a pipe camera to the leach field to look for leaks or flow blockages. It is important to have this done because this way, your chances of having to deal with unpleasant problems and an expensive repair will be minimized after purchasing the home.

And also when you purchase a home, you must know if your septic tank is going to be large enough for you needs and the home.

We can find several areas where the sewer line has cracked, allowing roots and soil to enter so it can be seen where the issues lie and can share that information with the contractor. Therefore it will be known what needs to be done. This is highly recommended to be added to your inspection and we will discuss with you the septic inspection cost.