I am happy to admit even though my prices are affordable, I am not the cheapest Maine home inspector because I provide high quality inspections. You will never be disappointed with my work, and realize that the cost of you not hiring a professional like myself is higher in the end.

The fact of the matter is that any unqualified, someone who is not licensed or unprofessional person can call themselves an inspector, and this is something to be aware of when you are choosing an inspector. You will see that I am not only qualified, but I am fully bonded and insured. I promise to provide you better service, and well as the details you need and the utmost quality. Below I will briefly describe the nature of my work, and will provide you the rates for each service.

The general type of home inspection examines the plumbing, electrical, general structure, as well as heating/ cooling systems of your home. This includes a deep and thorough examination of the roof, as well as any other important structural elements of the property.

I can also provide services such as using thermal imaging technology. Thermal imaging technology make it easy to look for radiation emitted from objects or conditions that indicate energy waste, and building envelope problems. This technology also makes it easy to see temperature differences, and helps detect electrical system and component failures. Another great thing about thermal imaging is that I have the ability to combine infrared and visible light detail to easily show hidden problems with the property.

I can also provide a septic inspection, which entails the close examination of all accessible parts of the waste-water system. Septic tanks are pumped at the duration of the inspection in order to look at the composition, capacity and composition to make sure that it is adequate for the size of the home that it is meant to service. Be sure as well that all pertinent set-backs will be measured such as wells, rivers, ponds, springs and lakes.

Once again, I really do have a passion for what I do each day. I really am lucky to be able to do what I really love the most, and that said I promise you to provide my very best!

My rates are affordable and easy-to-understand:

  • Inspection — $375 (up to 1800 sq ft)
  • Inspection from 1801 To 3000 sq ft — $500
  • Larger? Call for pricing!
  • Thermal Imaging — $200
  • Septic Inspection — $150
  • HD Inspection Video and Narration of Areas of Concern — $75

I provide mold testing as well! Contact me if you have any additional inquiries as I will explain to you as well about what else my company can provide for you! You will be getting your needs met when you hire a licensed professional like myself at a reasonable cost.