Why do I Need a Home Inspection?

As you are aware, a house is the largest investment that most individuals will ever make, that said you want to make sure you are making the best decision due to such a huge purchase. Therefore,  in order to confirm your decision on purchasing this home is the right one- you will want to make sure it is in decent condition before you move in. If there are obvious or not so obvious flaws, you will want to make sure that they are corrected or correctable in the future.

Did you ever see the movie The Money Pit? If not, the movie is about a couple who purchased an inexpensive mansion that was not inspected and literally fell apart in the most extreme ways. Even though in the majority of cases, homes that have flaws don’t fall apart like that mansion did- they still present buyers many problems that could have been corrected if an inspection was done to find them.

In fact, more and more buyers are realizing that a home inspection is a necessity, and follow through by purchasing one. In fact, home inspections have proven to be  not only an educational experience but a positive one for purchasers.

If it is revealed that there are serious issues with a property that you have either already purchased or are intending to purchase, you will be told how to correct these issues as most of the time any problem can be solved.

Why Should I Use you to Inspect my Home?

Here is a sad fact. Anyone, and I mean anyone can claim to be a home inspector in Maine, even if they have no training, experience or credentials. So you are wondering how to find a legitimate and licensed inspector? That is easy. You can find a certified and licensed home inspector that is a member of the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) in Maine.

And the reason you want to hire me is not only because I am a certified InterNACHI home inspector, but I am truly passionate about my work. I have been in the industry and building trades for over 30 years. I not only have plenty of experience, but I love what I do and my clients absolutely love me.

Having a home inspection done is one of the most difficult situations for purchasers to go through, so I know how to make an unpleasant task and situation make it a more calm experience for the client. Not to mention, I am thorough in my work and will not cut corners as many cheap home inspectors will do.

What are the Most Common Issues you Find with Pre-owned Homes?

Unfortunately many common issues do end up cropping up whenever a home inspection is done, and most of the time the owner of the home that you are purchasing is unaware of these problems. Some common problems found during an inspection are:

  • Stucco Issues– Homes that have stucco exterior surfaces will last a lifetime if applied correctly. However, more times than not, stucco is not applied well and as a result, water can leak through cracks. That can cause major damage especially when water begins to seep through unsealed light fixtures as well as outlets. If there is an issue with stucco, it must be corrected or else you will have a disaster on your hands- at the very least water damage.
  • Grade sloping back toward the home. When this happens, you could end up with foundation movement, wet or damp crawlspaces and cracking. If water builds up in the foundation of the home, the walls will rot, and frames will become moldy. An indication of foundation movement is when interior doors have huge and uneven gaps at the top when the door is closed. If you also see windows that are out of square, that is also a sign of foundation movement. This kind of issue must be corrected or else the problem will not only get worse, but will become more costly as it worsens.
  • Roofing materials. The older the home becomes, the older the roofing material becomes as well. In fact the roof is responsible for keeping everything in the home dry. As it ages, it becomes less effective, it cracks and is not effective when it comes to water protection which will lead to water damage and expensive repairs. Not to mention, if roofing material is installed poorly, it can lead to the home aging fast.
  • Electrical wiring. House fires are usually caused by faulty electrical wiring if it didn’t start in the kitchen due to failing to turn off the oven or stove. However, in newer homes there is an ample amount of power and electrical outlets, thus the wiring is better and newer whereas older homes do not have this advantage.
  • Asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles last between 15 to 40 years, and with age asphalt roof shingles will start cupping up or down. What happens is that they blister up and end up with granular loss. Then what happens is that the material that holds the product together will be exposed and water can get into it and cause damage.

There are more common problems that we find, however those are the main ones to look out for.

How Long does the Inspection Process Take?

A comprehensive home inspection will take anywhere between 2-4 Hours but remember that time frame depends on the size, the age, and the location of the home. I really do my best to get my clients a comprehensive report as fast as I can (within 24 hours) and will always keep clients in the loop of what is going on. However there are situations that can arise during the inspection that can delay when the report is made and will let them be aware of that fact.